The Making Of…Wardrobe, 1755

It’s been my practice to make at least one new piece each time the Slim Shady series is mounted to ensure that the exhibiting gallery has some new work to “debut”.  In 2010 I upped the ante.  I would incorporate the history of the exhibiting gallery and/or the history of the gallery’s location into the new work.
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Extension Play

Spending quality time in the studio can lead you down some interesting paths. Yesterday I was compelled to make pseudo-Scrabble tiles out of some veneer scraps I had lying about:
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I Heart Painting

Temporarily fed up with making feather quills – the ones that write best are the eeny-weeny ones I made out of duck feathers before I knew what I was doing. The larger feathers are too flimsy. Granted I didn’t temper them before cutting as I probably should have. Guess instructions are there for a reason. 😉
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Analyze This

As my last academic course (at least the last one I need for my BFA) gallops its way around the home turn I’ve been getting into the studio less and less. A bit disappointing, yes, but I expected as much. In an attempt to multitask and combine my practice with Cultural Theories, I’m doing a paper related to my Survival Games series:
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I’ve just finished a whirlwind week of prepping proposal packages, organizing receipts for my accountant, and wresting a first draft out of my reluctant brain for a Cultural Theories paper.
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I’ve been getting a lot of enjoyment from studio playtime these days. Here’s a peek at how some sketches for the new series are progressing…
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Animatione Teste the Firste

Setting up the Canon to shoot every 4 seconds and animating in “real time” (which explains why my hands occasionally appear in the frame when I can’t re-position the characters fast enough) is exciting but nerve-wracking.
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Coming Soon…

…archives of my past work and performances including Blanche Meringue with Kitty Roca.

How To Be

When describing me as a child, my mother will comment, “Jody was always trying to be something…a cat, a horse, a praying mantis”. I think my tendency to engage in relentless play-acting was due to the discomfort I felt in just being myself. It wasn’t enough to just be, I had to be something.
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