Series: Sculpture

One of Us

My current textile-based sculptural series, “One of Us”, is inspired by characters found in traditional carnival sideshows. This work explores unconventional bodies, how they present themselves, and how they are perceived. Embellished mythologies and the juxtaposition of authentic vs. counterfeit exaggerate or minimize the line between self and Other.

All (The Winner Takes It)

Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

A substantial community of small, socially critical, textile-based figurative sculptures that explore the slipperiness of identity. Under their playful, doll-like veneer the sculptures critique identity constructs and address themes of homogeneity and consumption in a Western consumer society. Intimate scale and intricate attention to detail invite viewers in close, where unconventional anatomy and dark narratives lurk. 

figurative textile sculpture pheasants Jody MacDonald

Favourite Ways With Pheasant (Monday - Sunday)

Part of the Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up? series, but complex enough to merit it’s own category, Favourite Ways With Pheasant critically assesses how a culture wooed by the eroticization of consumption perverts the experience and construction of identity within ourselves and others.