Absence Makes The Heart Grow…Bigger?

Our 30-day No Video Challenge ended this past Thursday, February 14th.

And what better way to celebrate than to go to Costco, buy a couple of $1.50 hotdogs for Valentine’s Day dinner, and purchase an even bigger TV.

Andrew – who graciously joined me in the video fast so it wouldn’t be as difficult for me to successfully finish the challenge – decided, halfway through the abstinence, that it was time we upgraded our screen size from 32″ to 55″.


I know it sounds ridiculous.

And it is.

Except that watching a widescreen movie on it is perfect.

[thankfully for full screen programs I can size the picture down]

The TV purchase might seem like the challenge ended in an epic fail, though over the past 30 days I’ve gotten myself into the habit of not watching during the work day, and not desiring to escape into something visual every night.

Everything needs to be taken in moderation, and that includes any type of fasting.  I will only consider the video fast as an epic fail if I fall back into old, winter habits of avoiding difficult days through binge watching, which I’m going to try my damndest to not let happen.

30 Days With No Video Recap

  • The first week was difficult, the second less so, and the final two weeks were much less painful.
  • Because we didn’t have the fall-back plan of entertaining ourselves with the idiot-box, Andrew and I made the effort to go out to several evening events:  a musical at the Arts Club Theatre, a puppet extravaganza, and an event at the new home of Dynamo Arts Association.  It was novel to be going out in the evenings during the winter instead of hibernating with Netflix.
  • Read a couple of books, though not during the work day.
  • Finished reading the marketing resources I had.
  • Prepped and mailed out six proposal packages.
  • Post-produced images of my 2-D work.
  • Finished knitting the incomplete grey sock (and started on a new pair of knee-high socks (geek-sexy!).
  • Gathered info for webdesigner (still need to make a few decisions).
  • Skimmed the surface of info on licensing my imagery.
  • Forgot completely about updating my inventory with new images, so made zero progress on this goal.

Now that I’m done with this challenge, I’m thinking of doing another; 30 days of consciously reframing negative thoughts as they arise – a Negativity Free challenge.

Why don’t you join me?

Is there a different way in which you’d like to challenge yourself?  Why not publicly post it in the comments – I’ll help keep you accountable!

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