Artventure: Fredericton, NB Part 6

I had an odd collection of cheeses, yogurt, red pepper, and fruit salad in my mini fridge that I wanted to eat up, so once again I left a note for Bonnie letting her know I would fend for myself regarding breakfast.

Saturday was incredible; sunny and unseasonably warm.  Halfway to the gallery I took off my jacket and walked joyfully in my t-shirt, arms bare to the October sun.
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Artventure: Fredericton, NB Part 5

I’d left a note for the B&B hostess, Bonnie, on Thursday night letting her know I would be “sleeping late” Friday morning and faring for breakfast myself.

I basked in the laziness of my morning.  After an intense week of set-up it felt good to have a less stressful day ahead of me.
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Artventure: Fredericton, NB Part 3

On Wednesday morning I decided which pieces would go on which plinths and started the involved process of plinth Tetris in the large central space of the gallery.
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Artventure: Fredericton, NB Part 2

9 o’clock Tuesday morning found me back at the gallery, smoothing out rough filler patches and applying a coat of paint to 13 plinths.

While the paint dried I busied myself hanging the wall pieces around the perimeter of the space.
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Artventure: Fredericton, NB Part 1

Five short weeks after being in Wolfville, NS, I was once again Eastern bound.

Air Canada’s mid-October schedule didn’t offer an afternoon Toronto to Fredericton connection.  I wasn’t keen on having a six hour plus layover that got me to my destination at midnight, so I decided to fly red-eye.

I hadn’t flown red-eye in over a decade, and I was quickly reminded why.
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Artventure: Wolfville, NS Part 4

Sunday’s workshop, essentially a Build Your Own Art “Doll” event,  was based on the transfer and surface techniques I use in my sculptures.  Although slow to fill it ended up with 9 students registered – which is an ideal number of participants in my book.  It was great fun to teach something so tied to my practice.
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Artventure: Wolfville, NS Part 3

Friday’s talk was attended by ten people, which at this point in my career is standard.   An enthusiastic woman named Noreen drove all the way from Halifax to hear me speak 🙂
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Artventure: Wolfville Part 1

This past year saw many a milestone met in my art career, the most significant being back-to-back solo exhibitions in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

I can’t stress how rare this is.
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Saturday Edmonton Post

Andrew and I planned on spending the rest of the weekend in Edmonton – sort of a post-work holiday. I’m proud to say that instead of going to see the spectacle of the West Edmonton Mall, we went to check out the Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair – recommended by April who even provided us with a google map to keep us on track (see, I told you she went above and beyond!)

I wasn’t inside 10 minutes before I saw something I had to have.
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Why does having a camera in your face…

alter your ability to speak coherently?
Here is my L53 video pod-cast interview.  Adam Waldron-Blain, L53’s Outreach Coordinator, did a great job of stitching together my stumbling answers into something cohesive.
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L53 (Thursday – posthumous)

With placement of the work complete, April takes on the lighting while I affix labels. After some slight shuffling of pieces to accommodate lighting limitations the space looks suspiciously like an exhibit.
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L53 (Wednesday – posthumous)

Today I get to deal with the part of installation that I mildly dread – playing plinth Tetris and trying to negotiate placement so that there is a good flow as well as interesting sight lines throughout the space. It’s not always quick and easy, and because most gallery layouts are vastly different from one another you can’t just set the work up in the same formation as the last space you’ve showed in.
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L53 (Tuesday – posthumous)

After some woodworking woes (L53’s skill saw and I were not feeling the love, so April went and got her own personal saw from home for me – thanks April!) the volunteers and I ended up with what looked like a couple of plinths.
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L53 (Monday – posthumous)

An early morning flight gets me to Edmonton International Airport late morning where I am graciously picked up by Latitude 53‘s Program Officer, April Dean.
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Massive Art Culture Road Trip 2009

(really, just my artist talk in Campbell River, but impressively re-categorized – and a notch or two up, I believe – by Mr. Fire-Man himself).
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Campbell River Day 2 (Jan. 21)

A long rest in a wonderfully dark and quiet room we were back at the gallery for 9:00am.  The volunteers were coming in a bit later, so I had a chance to wander through the space and make a few more decisions.
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Campbell River Day 1 (Jan. 20)

Yes, I’m posting this artventure postmusemously.

Apologies for the unannounced absence.  My plans to post on the 19th letting y’all know that I was off to Campbell River to set up Slim Shady and wouldn’t be Musing for several days were completely kiboshed by technical difficulties.
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Retro San Fran (April 26)

Up early and on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to Berkeley. Second and final day of the conference. Our last day in CA.
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Retro San Fran (April 24)

Up bright and early (well, at least up…damn those Napa Valley wines). Today is reserved for touring the SFMOMA.
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