Ask the Artist

Ask the Artist #11

Hmm…no questions in the queue this week.


Someone recently asked me a question on facebook, so…

Q: Is your work for sale?
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Ask the Artist #8

The first Tuesday of 2009.  I imagine if anyone had emailed me a question, it might have looked something like this:

Q: Any big plans for 2009?
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Ask the Artist #4

Q: Your work usually has violent/morbid overtones, with nasty things always about to happen or having just happened, but it’s all self-referential…what have you got against yourself? Or is this some form of reverse voodoo? Or does somebody need a hug? (stereotype of the artist as depressive/self destructive, angst ridden loner…is this why you work in multiples? So you are not alone?)
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Ask the Artist #2

I have been sent two fantastic questions.

I’ll save one of them for next week’s ATA.  This week:
Q: Was there a particular moment or event involved in you deciding to become an artist? Not in the “we’re all born artists” kind of way, but where you decided yes, it is your life’s calling?
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