Graffiti in My Neighbourhood

New Graffiti: April 25

This is way outta sync (as in April 25, 2009), but I found it in my Drafts folder and decided it needed closure. These graf’s are long gone – casualties of the pre-Olympic sanitization of the neighbourhood.
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In Loving Memory…

Oh sweet tragedy!  Someone (or someTHING) has peeled ScooterHead, crumpled him into a ball and left him to decompose in an unkempt patch of grass.  Hooligans.  Vultures.  Murderers.

Everyone’s a critic.

Canadian Graffiti

Last summer, we started walking Elvis through the commercial industrial neighbourhood that we live on the fringe of. The area encompasses roughly 35 square blocks: from 2nd Ave to Broadway, bookended by Main and Cambie Streets. This relatively small area is a veritable breeding ground for some amazing contemporary graffiti.

Check out the ‘Graffiti In My Neighbourhood‘ link in the blog sidebar to see what treasures we’ve been finding on our strolls.