And You Thought Your Sex Life Was Bad…

My ex stumbled upon this and shared it with me so I could share it with you.

Weird sex: Giant squid do it deeper

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VIGO, Spain (25 Sep 2005) — RESEARCH by marine scientists has shed startling new light on the secret sex life of the giant squid, one of the most mysterious monsters of the world’s deepest oceans.
The breakthrough came after a recent spate of strandings on the Atlantic coast of Spain when five of the huge invertebrates – one of them 12 metres long – were washed ashore in a single week on beaches on the Bay of Biscay.One of the two males washed ashore was found to have been accidentally inseminated – backing the findings of research in previous strandings.

And scientists now believe the males had either accidentally inseminated themselves during “violent” lovemaking sessions with females or been inseminated by other males after “bumping” into them in the dark depths of the ocean.

Further along, the article states: “Fewer than 600 specimens of giant squid have been recorded around the world since the 16th century”.

Really? Gee…I wonder why?

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