Ask the Artist #11

Hmm…no questions in the queue this week.


Someone recently asked me a question on facebook, so…

Q: Is your work for sale?

A: Yes, Virginia, the work is for sale.  I am renowned for choosing to do things in the most difficult manner possible, but deciding to make a living as an artist without selling my work isn’t going to be one of them!

So then, why haven’t I posted the prices of the pieces on the website?  In part it is because I figure that if someone is genuinely interested in purchasing a piece they will send me an email, initiate a dialogue, and we’ll go from there, and partly it is because when the website galleries were configured, my goal was dissemination of information not selling.

[Dammit, Jim!  I’m an artist, not a marketing executive!]

Which is kinda silly-pants for someone who’s striding out on a financial limb, hoping to support herself by creative means.  

Now that much of the excitement in my life has settled down I can start chipping away at that long list of To Do tasks (which includes updating info on the site and adding archived work).

And hopefully getting more folks sending me emails with questions for Ask the Artist 😉

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