Ask the Artist #5

Q: Hmmm…nothing in the queue. So what shall I ask myself?

Well, I could ask myself why I make art (that’s a doozy, and I’m not sure I could pinpoint the answer).

I could ask myself if I think I could really make a living off of my work (but even though I’ve quit my job to give ‘er, I haven’t had enough time to confirm if I can or can’t).

I could ask myself why I make a habit of posting every day when maybe only a handful of people – at most – read any of what I write (but thinking that way brews a debate for not bothering to post at all).

So instead, because it has been a helluva past five days, I’ll ask something easy:

Q: What is your shoe size?

Anywhere from a size 6 1/2 to a size 7 1/2, depending on the make.

Send me questions, or next week I answer with my sweater size.

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