Ask the Artist #8

The first Tuesday of 2009.  I imagine if anyone had emailed me a question, it might have looked something like this:

Q: Any big plans for 2009?

A: Well, yes, actually. Thanks for asking.

In a few weeks, my first CARFAC solo show will be installed at the Campbell River Art Gallery. I’ll be doing a road trip out to help with set up, and then returning at the end of the show, February 28, to give an artist talk.

While that is taking place I hope to solve the documentation issue I’m having with the Survival Games series.

Then I’m going to organize a slew of proposal packages with the aim of keeping Slim Shady circulating while hoping to hook a gallery on one of the new series. Once I get someone on board for one of the new series, I’ll be applying for creation grants.

As an aside, I’m going to research some local commercial galleries and decide if I like them, see if they like me, etc., etc., etc. Maybe start a beautiful friendship if it’s in the cards.

I’d also like to look into getting some of my writing/illustrations published.

And there’s a bee in my bonnet about starting my own business, too, as I try to establish a reliable way of generating income from my creativity.

Selling some work this year would be a nice cherry-on-top if the opportunity comes up.

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to make a shed-load of work this year. I’m talking a lot. Prolific-like, if you get my gist.

In case you haven’t figured it out, I’ve got no questions in the Ask the Artist queue. Dunna be shy. I know there is stuff you wanna know. Click on CONTACT and send me an email. Confidentiality guaranteed.

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