Ask the Artist #9

Q: Read any good books lately?

A: The short answer is: not as many as I’d like to, and none for pleasure.

I’ve been inspired to read some biz-type books.  An issue I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around is allowing myself to believe that I can be a successful artist.  Financially successful, that is.

Even though I’ve mastered several skills necessary to be able to make a creative living in a myriad of different ways I still don’t see how I could ever manage to do so.  Too many years of society and family telling me that I can’t make money from art, I guess.

It would almost be silly, this hurdle of mine, were it not for the fact that the ingrained self-doubt is crippling.

Friends suggested a few titles to get me started on my un-brainwashing. I immediately located them in VPL’s online catalog and starting requesting holds left, right, and centre.

The first to arrive was The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J. Stanley, PhD.

Dr. Stanley has published several books in the same vein: Marketing to the Affluent, Selling to the Affluent, and The Millionaire Next Door, just to name a few.

I’ve yet to sit down and crack it open, but – according to the dust jacket – when I do, I will learn to “think like a millionaire”.  This, apparently, is the first step to becoming a millionaire.  Hell, I’d be content being able to think like someone who nets twenty G’s annually.  Which is most likely the crux of my problem: thinking small.

Thinking small generates small momentum.  Which, I suppose, is better than no momentum. 

But I am ready for big momentum.

Crazy Tilt-A-Whirl carnival ride momentum.

Gravity pulling your skin away from your bones momentum.

Breath snatched out of your lungs momentum.

I’ll keep you posted on my attitude adjustment.

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