Best Laid Plans

Four weeks ago a made a list of goals I wanted to accomplish in my time off. With just over two weeks left before I am back at work, I figured it was time to check in.

1. Finish one drawing per week.
  Due to the nature in which I work, I haven’t actually “finished” any drawings this summer, although I have twenty pieces that are an hour or so from completion.
2. Refine Survival Games proposal.
  Hasn’t happened yet.
3. Find solution for documenting 2-D work.
Hasn’t happened yet.
4. Keep writing (beach writing 1 x per week).
  Hasn’t happened and not likely to.
5. Prep four proposals for mailout.
  Still have high hopes, but the arrival of a rejection letter took the wind outta my sensitive-artist sails.
6. Guitar? Research lessons?
  This one could still happen – the research at least. Hey…why are you laughing?
7. Work on new pieces for Campbell River show.
  This, I have done. Started and finished one piece, two more in process.
8. Prep admin info for Campbell River.
  Almost done. Just have to work on the layout of the show according to gallery floor plan.
9. Get studio schedule back on track.
  Yeah…not so much.
10. Keep working out.
  Oddly enough, though I hate working out, I’ve managed to remain fairly diligent.
11. Forget about Shadbolt entirely.
  Started thinking about it last week (sigh).
12. Keep up Daily Muse
  Yes, dammit! This I have done!
13. Add archived work to website (scan slides).
  I admit I haven’t even selected slides for scanning, yet.

Hmmm…it appears there is much to do in the next two weeks.

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