Incomplete #1 (sharquito)Jody was born in a small town in Ontario (St. Thomas), grew up in a few middle-sized cities in Ontario (London and Windsor), and is now living in a moderately large city on the West Coast of Canada (Vancouver). One day she might live in a very large city, quite possibly not even in Canada at all.

As a child Jody liked to make things out of socks and try to convince people to buy them. As a teen she attended a technical school that offered a 2-year Vocational Art program (bealart), and made art for half a day, every day, in a variety of different art disciplines: art history, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, animation, photography, commercial art, film, textiles and printmaking. Jody’s mom thought this was a great idea because it would “be a fun way to finish academic requirements.” When Jody graduated with her Grade 13 and Vocational Art Certificates, her mom thought that Jody should “become a secretary and do art part-time as a hobby”. Jody thought she should be an artist and have a part-time job as a hobby. Following a bit of confusion and much debate, Jody was the first member of her family to pursue post-secondary education.

Upon graduating from ECIAD in 1996, Jody made things out of socks and then convinced people to buy them (Mutts Puppet Co.). Simultaneously, she co-birthed and directed DYNAMO Arts Association, a not-for-profit artist-run centre with 19 studio spaces and a 750 square foot gallery. After volunteering her diverse construction, event planning, and administrative talents for 4 1/2 years, Jody decided it was time to apply these skills exclusively to her own studio. Since 2002 she has been busy dividing her time between working ON the studio (renovating a work-live space) and working IN the studio (developing her art practice).

Jody has an absurd sense of humour that she cherishes because of its subtle wickedness. She is very diligent about exorcising it and feeds it twice daily.

In 2008 Jody resigned from her position as auxiliary Fine Arts Leader for visual art programs at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts (City of Burnaby) to pursue her art career full time. Six months later she was surprised to find herself performing arts administration at the Burnaby Art Gallery.  In 2012 she resigned (again) from her auxiliary position to pursue her art career.  This time it seems to be sticking.

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