Blog Condensation

I seem to be having problems getting blog posts written consistently – more an effect of being tired after long days than of not having much to say.  Plenty has happened since my last post.

On Thursday I resumed work at the Burnaby Art Gallery after having two months off. My time away was very productive but it is good to be back at the BAG (spending all one’s time isolated in one’s studio can be, well, crazy-making). Thursday evening I attended a professional development workshop (see previous post) and Friday was another full day at the gallery.

Saturday found me up and on the road by 8:30 en route to Langley with the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra.

Yes, that’s right. Langley.

LFM was booked to play two sets on the Main Stage at the Country Celebration, Langley’s award-winning annual community event.

The Main Stage was impressive. Lots of room for four horn players, a drummer, and a bass player and mic’s and monitors for each of us (!!!!). As if that wasn’t enough, we also had Jeff, tech extraordinaire.

The country-themed event and LFM were strange bedfellows indeed, but not entirely incompatible. A carefully selected set list and some slight lyric alterations made LFM’s mainly subversive adult-oriented material more family friendly 😉 Several people made the effort to come forth and give positive comments and our second set was nicely attended.

Saturday night Andrew and I went to an artist talk and opening at the Surrey Art Gallery (see previous entry). In total, Andrew spent three and a half hours driving all over the Lower Mainland on Saturday. He’s a trooper, that’s why I love him.

Sunday was a day of recuperation, local theatre (Houdini’s Last Escape at the Fringe), and trying to ditch General Ennui who insisted on dropping by without an invitation.

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