Brake Dance

I’ve had my driver’s license since I was 19. I don’t drive very often (not ever having owned a car plus only having learned automatic equals a sporadic driving record) but for over a year I’ve thought that the time was ripe to expand my vehicle operating skills. This past Sunday I had my Standard Driving Orientation.

Technically it was a “lesson”, however I wanted to keep the experience as non-threatening as possible so Andrew kindly humoured me and agreed to call it The Orientation.

By the end of the orientation I had learned how to start the engine, shift gears, slowly drive a small distance in first gear, brake, and then repeat in reverse. I won’t sugar-coat it…some occasional stalling occurred. That being said, my overall performance was not entirely embarrassing. Unfortunately there wasn’t a straightaway long enough (read: large enough parking lot) so we called it a day before I had the chance to practice shifting into higher gears.

I caught on better than I thought I would, though at this point I can’t comprehend feeling comfortable enough with the clutch-gas, clutch-gear, clutch-brake dance to drive outside the safety zone of an empty parking lot.

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