Debrief (No-Video Challenge)

My 30-day no-video challenge ended at midnight on August 6th. Aside from a few short videos included as resource materials for the mentorship I’m doing, I successfully completed the challenge. On Sunday I shamelessly binged on some reality TV (though only after spending a good 3 hours in the studio).

You’re probably wondering if I accomplished everything I had hoped to during the blackout.

Not remotely (television pun totally intended).

I did rework my vision statement. The wording is not perfect, but the gist is clear. It is printed and hanging in my office where I can read it every morning as I sit at my computer.

Rekindling my literary spark? Unless you count my daily blog postings, honing my writing craft hasn’t happened in the way that I was hoping…yet.

Wrapping up some of the drag-along series in progress? While I’ve been doggedly putting in my time, I don’t feel any closer to finalizing any aforementioned series. That said, I do have some interesting ideas that have been generated from all the creative play.

Being perfectly honest: although I did have a couple of nights a week where I worked well into the evening on admin or filing tasks I more or less swapped my watching obsession for a reading obsession.

Reflecting on the experience, I can now say that after a full day of studio, yoga, errands, tasks, piano practice, and dog walking I was expecting a bit too much thinking I could keep burning the creative candle into the evening on a constant basis.

I’m not going to give up on the idea of using my time more consciously. Andrew suggested that we have a no-video-on-school-nights policy and I’m totally down with that and eager to implement the new and improved video restrictions.

Starting next week.

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