Douche That to Me One More Time

A day of painting with oil-based product led to some punchy mid-afternoon conversation up at Fairmont.
WARNING: the remainder of this post contains juvenile content.

When K asked T to inspect my work to see that I had done a decent job I said, “Yeah, I painted obscenities on the siding.” Examples of what I might have written were bandied about, with “K is a douche” finally blurted out.

This led to K’s retort of, “Oh, yeah…well you’re a recycled douche.” This quickly morphed into “second-hand douche”, which I said was a great name for a band.
K asked if the band would be an all-girl band or an all-boy band. I split the difference and said the band members should be hermaphrodites – very exclusive. Their first album could be titled: Boys Can Only Enema.

Yow – five hours with oil paint fumes – don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

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