Elvis Site-ing

Elvis now has his own tumblr site: Elvis Unleashed…

Why, you might ask?

My ex – who exercises visitation rights two or three times a week – is the fun parent. He takes E on weekly adventures to exciting, highly populated places. Every time he’s out on the town Elvis’ image ends up on tourists’ cameras, as if he were a Vancouver Attraction in and of himself.

True enough, he is attractive AND a huge ham in front of the camera.

I told Steve that he should have MOO cards to give to people who ask if they can take a photo of him. The card could direct people to a site where they could upload their photos of Elvis and leave a comment. Share their Elvis Experience so to speak.

So, Elvis has a tumblr site and soon, presumably, the MOO cards will be in circulation.

It will be interesting to see if people participate.

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