Four Your Eyes Only

When I was putting my contacts in this morning I noticed something bizarre; a third lens was in the RIGHT cup of the storage case.

Then I remembered…

A few mornings ago I had decided it was time to crack open a new pair of disposables. I put the new pair directly into my eyes, leaving the old pair in the case, thinking I would throw the old ones out when I needed the case in the evening.

But I was really tired that night.

So tired that I didn’t bother changing the soaking solution.

So tired, in fact, that I forgot I had old lenses soaking in the old solution.

Forgot about it until today when I saw that third lens.

And now I am wondering where, oh where did the fourth lens go? A thorough inspection of both compartments of the lens case revealed nothing. My first thought, of course, was that Tesla designed my lens case and I should be looking in my freezer for the MIA lens.

Then it occurred to me that the missing lens may have found its way to my third eye.

That would explain the clarity of vision I’ve been experiencing as of late.

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