Hair Piece

For several years Steve has been talking about getting his chest waxed.

Having had my legs waxed in the past, I have cautioned him against it. A whole lotta hair equals a whole lotta pain.
Nonetheless as summer approaches the issue has once again reared its furry head. Except this time there is a new twist: he wants me to do it with a home wax kit. I think he’s nutters, but I’m tempted to do it for no other reason than being able to use the uprooted hair in some new work: Hair Piece. Similar to The Bearding, I would sew the used fabric waxing strips into a wearable chest plate. Sort of a hairy man-chest accessory to go with my beard.
And why stop there? What about legs? Arms? Did someone say “Brazilian”? The potential for taking Hair Piece all the way is too great. Steve may end up smoother than the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

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