Today I Knelt In Cat Pee

Last full day in Belnan. Extreme winds followed by late afternoon showers turned into quite a downfall by evening.

Managed to get out for a walk in the morning and Andrew showed me around his old ‘hood. Took some photos of a forested area at street’s end that I hope to use as resource material. They looked good on the display – fingers crossed that they translate into a larger format.

On our return I knelt at the shoulder of the road to take a picture of a strange insect that looked like a cross between a dragonfly and a scorpion. Back at Andrew’s parents’ house Molly (their cat) walked into the sitting room where we were all gathered and started sniffing with a purpose. Eventually she ended up focused on the knees of my jeans.

So I sniffed them too.

They smelled like tom cat pee.


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