If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries…

what am I doing dragging a 70 pound pit [bull]?

Elvis and I are adjusting to my new role as single parent. Most walks have been a test of wills. I have been trying to find a schedule that both of us can agree to but so far neither party is satisfied. The time isn’t right, or it’s too sunny, or the direction is wrong, or he has a funny feeling in his left ear.

The process has me reflecting on life and how sometimes it can be difficult and tiring – like tugging a very sulky and resistant 70 pound pitbull behind you…uphill…in the searing heat…for twenty blocks…every day…for the rest of your life. Very un-Buddhist-like behavior if you ask me.

As I see it, there are two choices:

1. Keep fighting against the natural order of Elvis, imposing my will in regard to the path we must take, or…

2. Give myself over completely to the will of Elvis and follow his direction.

The first choice is depressing: just thinking about the constant struggle is exhausting.

The second choice is tempting – though acquiescing control, dominance, and choice is a frightening thing…both in life and in being a responsible dog owner.

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