Who needs a manifesto you say? Everyone, that’s who! Even people who feel like they don’t have the gumption to compose a manifesto should write one.

Nay, especially those who don’t possess internal ‘festo gumption, they are the ones who need one the most. In fact, I feel so strongly on this issue that I’m going to contact Apple and suggest that they make an auto manifesto app: iFesto Presto.

Here’s mine for this year, made the old-fashioned, self-reflective way…

I want my work to consider and be considered.

I want my work to make people think. I want viewers to contemplate the human condition and question the role(s) they play within it.

I want my work to make a difference. I want to manufacture dis-ease around social issues so we can have a collective conversation regarding a cure.

I want my work to make people feel. I want people to laugh so hard they cry, and cry so hard they laugh. I want to take them to that ambivalent in-between space where they can experience their sublime selves.

I want my work to concurrently disturb and delight. I want to titillate and educate. I want to be the fly that continually lands on society’s plate, germ-inating all over its cheesecake.

I want my work to be the itch on your back that you can’t quite scratch.

I want my work to incite change. I want to reform information and to inform reformation.

Care to share your manifesto? I’d love to read it.

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