L53 (Thursday – posthumous)

With placement of the work complete, April takes on the lighting while I affix labels. After some slight shuffling of pieces to accommodate lighting limitations the space looks suspiciously like an exhibit.

installation view lit4

installation view lit2

installation view lit3

installation view lit

I spend a couple of hours being my Type A self (cleaning mirrors, tweaking gestures, and scrubbing scuff marks off of plinths) and then call it a day.

April and Todd Janes (L53’s Executive Director) recommend checking out the AGA, in particular Cardiff and Miller’s sound installation The Murder of Crows. So I do.

It is brilliant. 98 speakers – each with their own soundtrack – arranged strategically in a massive room. I sit and listen for the entire 30 minute duration, eyes closed, the narrative moving around me. I highly recommend making the effort to experience this piece if it comes to a venue near you.

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