Lucky Little Monkey

Whew!  What a week and a bit.  I wanted to get a progress post up and published by Wednesday, but I actually have a legitimate excuse:  I’ve been busy uploading images of artwork into my new almost-ready-so-close-I-can-not-only-smell-but-taste-it website.

Tzaddi (you remember her, she’s my fab web designer, BFF, and fellow artist) has made her mind up that Baby’s New Dress Is Getting Done before the two of us head to Portland next week for the World Domination Summit (I’ll delve more into WDS and our adventures next week).

I can’t blame her for wanting to push to completion – she wants to show it off and so do I!

Tzaddi has orchestrated it so that I’ve been able to start inserting images and creating galleries while she codes the design details.  So incredibly fun to work concurrently this way.  It’s like Christmas every time I refresh the in-progress site to view how my galleries are looking and I see that Tzaddi has moved a new detail or two into place.

For now the reno/studio play progress report will have to wait until after Portland – I need to get back to Photoshop and WordPress (and I gotta see what else Tzaddi has updated :-))

This is how happy I am:

I am one lucky little monkey – can’t wait to share it with you!

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