P, B & J

Lately my diet has been going through its second childhood.

I’m eating things on a regular basis that I haven’t ingested in years…decades, even. This comes not so much from trying to save money as much as time.

I’ve gotten into the habit of throwing together peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. Peanut butter – the other dark meat (south of the poverty line). There were a few years in my childhood where I would only eat margarine with peanut butter on white bread for lunch. Every day. No additions or substitutions accepted.

Reminiscing aside, the arrival of an unannounced anaphylactic with a severe contact allergy in one of the programs at work threw a wrench into my lunch packing routine.

Sandwich meat was on sale up at Buy-Low.

Lunch problem solved.

I have to admit, though, bologna just isn’t the same on whole wheat with Dijon.

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