Pacific Centre Underground Extortion

How much should one be expected to pay to park for 7 hours in Pacific Centre’s underground parking?

My friend Tzaddi paid the most she’s ever paid for a single-serving park tonight.

The most she’s ever paid in her life.

Two-fiddy every half hour to a flat rate of $20.00 per day. Flat rate of $4.00 per night after 6. She entered the lot at 2:00pm and left at 9:00pm, so she got to pay the flat rate for daytime, plus the flat rate for nighttime.

Nice, eh? It was very generous of them. They could have just charged her $35.00 at the half hour rate.

Tzaddi says, “If you own everything, you can charge whatever you want.”

[note to self: own everything]

Corporate f#@kers.

One more reason NOT to own a vehicle.

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