Patronize Me

What’s that?  You’ve always dreamed of being an art patron?  Have I mentioned I’m an artist?  How perfect is that!

If you’re looking to buy original sculpture and works-on-paper, contact me directly at and we can discuss titillating topics such as price and shipping options.

If you love my work but the cost of an original piece doesn’t fit your current budget, click here to go to my søciety6 store where you can purchase economically priced products (such as art prints on paper and canvas, t-shirts, device cases, and greeting cards) featuring selected images from my Survival Games, Incomplete, How To Be, and RYG series.

POP UP SALES GALLERY: In June 2014 I held a limited time, online Summer Pop-Up Sale, featuring older and “orphaned” work at prices below value.  Big hugs and thanks for all of your support during this new venture of mine – it was so much fun that I’m thinking of doing another online pop-up sale.  Want to be among the first to be notified?  Add yourself to my mailing listsubscribers get first dibs on previewing and purchasing work.