Personal Hang Ups

My ex and I are in the process of purging items – trying to clear away residual clutter.  Steve posted my old, two-tiered, chrome commercial clothing rack on craigslist – free to the first person that would come and take it off our hands.  One person responded and came by today to pick it up.  I am still trying to digest what we received in return.
The man, whom I will call D, was psychic to the point of being disturbing. Sure, a well-trained person can tune in on an individual’s belongings and surroundings to get a basic read about them, but the things that came out of this fella’s mouth were uncanny. Things that only our closest comrades would know because they’ve hung around us for twenty years.

At one point D looked at me and said, “You have so much anger. You are so angry – you are angry at the WHOLE WORLD.  You need to find out why and let it go.”

Fuck.  He is right.  I have been so angry lately.

So angry and holding on to it so tightly that I am in a continual state of “clench”.  Anger is smothering and crippling me, mentally and physically, and I don’t know how to let it go.

Steve and I were giving away an apparatus to hang things up on, and here we were getting an impromptu psychic session on our hang ups.

Sweet irony.

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