Proof That God Is A Woman

Several posts back I was lamenting on having to put some serious time into the perusal and purchase of new bras. I had decided that being cash-poor but time-rich as I am, I was going to try to find “the perfect fit” from scratch, rather than continue to buy the expensive, French made Lejaby style that fits exquisitely but costs close to $100.00 once tax is factored in.

Since that post, I have endeavoured on two occasions to find a new style that fit my budget, and my body, perfectly.

In the change room, the ring of hell reserved specifically for those who must bra-shop encircled me in a ring of bad mammories, er…memories. None of the dozen brands and styles I tried on fit. At all. Remotely. I wondered if I would be better off performing a second lipo-section on my existing Lejaby – as worn out as it is, it still fit better than any of the newbies. Discouraged, I gave up the search.

But God, apparently, is a woman. She has to be. This is how I know:

On Friday night Linda – my good friend and bra shopping support partner – called to say, “I drove by Dianes Lingerie on Granville Street. They have a sale sign in the window. Do you want to meet there tomorrow morning? Maybe they have those bras you’ve been looking for.”

So I said, “Yeah, sure. Why not.” I had never been to Dianes, and wasn’t expecting to find what I was looking for.

On Saturday morn we walked into the shop.  I quickly scanned the room to see if could pinpoint the Lejaby stock, but didn’t see anything but lace and more lace.  I asked the lovely sales specialist if they carried the very simple, plain, everyday Lejaby.

She said, “Oh, do you mean like those?”  She gestured to the sale rack that I hadn’t seen yet.  There, on the rack, were two Lejaby bras.  Style 5118.

Both were my size.

Both were 70% off.

What are the odds of that?

How could that be anything but divine feminine intervention?

I gave the sales staff a good giggle when I began jumping up and down, clapping my hands and laughing hysterically.

The dark lining to this silver cloud is that I was told Lejaby is in transition, and that styles and stock are in flux.  Some popular items are being discontinued.   Like the style that fits me.

Good news is, I now have another year or so before I have to resume the hunt.

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