Retro San Fran (April 24)

Up bright and early (well, at least up…damn those Napa Valley wines). Today is reserved for touring the SFMOMA.

I wasn’t permitted to take photos in the galleries (too bad – the evidential remnants of a Matthew Barney performance in the tower was my fav thing in the place). The lobby is pretty impressive, though:


In addition to the MOMA, Jen has a list of tourist things she wanted me to do while in San Fran:

  1. Fisherman’s Wharf
  2. Ride a trolley
  3. Dinner in one of the quarters (ended up being Little Italy)
  4. Seeing the original City Lights bookstore

All of this was accomplished, but not before we were completely distracted by a poster featuring the work of performance artist Nao Bustamante. The poster was promoting an exhibit at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (located across the street from the MOMA). Highlights for me included work by Deborah Grant, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Swoon, Toxic Titties, and The Counterfeit Crochet Project.
While paying admission to enter the gallery, Jen sees a rack card for c(H)ord, a new world premiere performance by inkBoat. We rush off to attend to our tourist obligations and then return for the opening night performance (and what a performance – good call, Jen). 😉 Satisfying day. Great art. Great performance. Great company.

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