Retro San Fran (April 22)

Yes…I shoulda been diligently posting from my location in San Francisco, but it didna happen.

Jen and I met at the airport and hit the ground running. Tuesday night was a bit of a wash. We arrived at our lodging just before a light evening rain (an anomaly according to the hostess who seated us in the hotel restaurant). A fabulous bottle of Napa Valley Peju with some equally grand seafood made great side dishes to our exchange of Auckland – Vancouver adventures. Thanks again, Jen, for picking up the tab on that decadent treat!
We stayed at the Hotel Whitcomb. Sweet and vintage. The most intriguing thing about it was the old jail cells that were in the basement…we never did find the time to ask the concierge about taking a tour (damn!).

Hotel Room 1

Hotel Room 2

Hotel Room 3

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