Saturday Edmonton Post

Andrew and I planned on spending the rest of the weekend in Edmonton – sort of a post-work holiday. I’m proud to say that instead of going to see the spectacle of the West Edmonton Mall, we went to check out the Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair – recommended by April who even provided us with a google map to keep us on track (see, I told you she went above and beyond!)

I wasn’t inside 10 minutes before I saw something I had to have.

One of the artist vendors, Gabe Wong, was selling DIY folding paper toy kits: Blockheads. I thought this was pretty cool. And then I looked further along his table and saw his basket of one-of-a-kind, handpainted Blockheads and I fell in love.

I needed to buy some. No…four. No…wait…six.

In the end I bought eight of the little critters:
gabe's blockheads front view

An identical base figure with multiple identities? No big surprise that I was smitten from the get-go. They are about 4″x2″x2″ and painted in the round (or block, as the case may be).
gabe's blockheads detail

I can’t wait to build them a display home and get them up on my wall. I’m thinking something modular with a mirror so you can see the detail painted on the back. My only regret? I practiced moderation (kind of) and left behind Asian Communist Girl’s alter-ego (wearing a gold-lame jumpsuit), Uncle Sweaters (white sweater version), and Naked Green Girl.

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