Screenplay Thursday

In my continuing effort to obtain my official artist pedigree (BFA), this fall I am enrolled in an academic course at ECU.

I’m taking Script Writing & Concept Development as an upper level Humanities requirement.  Over the next 12 weeks I will be writing – and rewriting and rewriting – a ten minute screenplay. I’ve done plenty of writing, but never in this format. I’m quite excited – it’s like writing three-dimensionally.

My scripts will be due Friday afternoons. I thought I’d start posting the weekly writes/rewrites on Thursday evenings…you know, sprinkle on some additional pressure to ensure I have the work done on time.  Due this week: the synopsis. Here’s what’s cookin’ so far:


SYNOPSIS: A spin on the conventional love story.  The theft of a bicycle wheel sets off a chain of events that results in a broken man/bicycle being made whole.  Paul Truing is not having a good day.  After a miserable ride home from work on his bicycle, he arrives at his bike locker to find a thief making off with his girlfriend’s front wheel.  He gives chase but loses both the thief and the wheel.  Breathlessly breaking the bad news to his girlfriend, she chooses this inopportune time to break up with him.  “What about your bike?!”, “You keep it.  It’s worthless.”  Taking the advice of a work buddy to unload his ex’s bike and move on, Paul posts the most-of-a-mountain-bike on craigslist and discovers that letting go can be a way of getting something back.

Comments?  Suggestions?

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