Show & Tell #23

‘Tis madness, I tell you…sheer madness.

A week ago I started messing around in the studio with this:
muscles ink

torso detail

Over the last 7 days I have been toiling on this:

muscle stitch

and this…

muscle stitch front

and this…

muscle stitch back

and this…

muscle stitch legs

It is stitched by machine.  I am pulling all the threads to the wrong side and triple-knotting them by hand so they stay put.

Pull.  Knot.  Knot.  Knot.  Cut threads.  Repeat.

I think the end result will be gorey-geous.  I have to say, though, that the initial novelty is starting to wear off, and I’d like to see the pieces finished.

Tune in next Sunday to see who emerges victorious in this battle of wits between man and material.

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