Show & Tell #3

Here’s something my mom sent me about 3 years ago…

Grandma Vollick

A photo of my Grandma and Grandpa Vollick (mother’s side). I think this may have been a wedding picture. Neither of them look a day over 18 years – which they probably weren’t. There’s the show, now here is some tell…

A few years before she died, my grandma confessed to my aunt that she had run away from home when she was 16 because she was afraid her father was going to kill her. She was so scared she left without shoes. She ended up in Detroit keeping house for a nice Jewish family who she completely insulted by buying and preparing a pork roast for a holiday meal. They threw away all the food…and all the plates…and all the utensils that the meal was prepared with. Instead of firing her gentile ass, they kindly kept her on after carefully explaining what “kosher” was. She met my grandfather at a dance and he told her that he would take her to London if she married him. She thought he meant London, England. My grandma found herself in rural London, Ontario, raising five kids and maintaining a farm.

The stuff that fairy tales are made of, eh?

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