Show & Tell #27

Survived the marbling workshops – if I get to collect my demo’s next week, I’ll scan a few to share.  There were a couple pulls that I was really pleased with.

This week, I have hour number 5 of the 24 Hour Dog Toy Sweatshop Marathon to share with you.

The studio table…
Studio Table
Studio Table
Legs, legs, legs…


I’m not really going to work for 24 straight hours – but I do have only 24 hours to make as many as I can for the “CLUTCH”, the made ‘n’ trade seasonal party that my former, former boss puts on every year.

I’m a bit cross-eyed after 5 hours of sewing legs, especially after being out at the Burnaby Art Gallery for 5 and a half hours.

But the dog toys are a big hit – I promised I would bring some again this year.

My goal is to make twelve.

If I get into the groove I might just be able to pull it off.

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