Sweet Library Sunday

There is still a week left to my self-imposed video moratorium so today I returned the last of the library books I checked out three weeks ago and brought home four new books.

Hanging out at the library is a sweet way to spend part of your Sunday afternoon. When I was young, going to the library used to be an almost weekly outing for me and my dad, who was an avid reader.

I was pretty avid too, but for some unknown reason between the ages of 18 and 40 I essentially stopped reading for pleasure. One of my excuses for not reading has been that I felt I didn’t know which authors I should be looking for; nobody wants to invest time reading a bad book. From a different perspective, spending time with a disappointing book is still more productive than wasting time watching a pap reality show on TV.

Despite my anxiety over not being able to choose “good” authors, it only took me ten minutes to collect four books that I was interested in taking home with me. Two are biographies, Home by Julie Andrews and Me by Kathryn Hepburn. I also picked up another Farley Mowat (one that I feel I should have read by now), Never Cry Wolf. The fourth book was a fluke-y find. At a dinner party last night two of our friends were discussing a book that one of them was reading, No Impact Man. I found it on the shelf and I’m already 3/4’s of the way through it.

Note: There is a documentary for those of you who haven’t banned video and would rather watch than read about Colin Beavan and his family’s year-long experiment to live with no environmental impact.

WARNING: it may have you wanting to give up your TV for good.

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