Sweet Savoury Agony

I have been bad this Labour Day weekend. Very, very bad.

Gastronomically speaking, that is.

Yesterday afternoon I had my first (and last) tomato sandwich of the summer. Nothing fancy: sesame white bread toasted with butter, mayo, salt, pepper and a perfectly ripe Black Prince tomato from the Farmer’s market.

It was heaven.

Yesterday night we ventured to Romer’s Burger Bar, an upscale burger joint we’ve been meaning to check out for some time. They have some delectable sounding combinations on their menu. There is even one I can eat without having to pick any ingredients off: the Magic Mushroom burger. Yum. Eating it wouldn’t exacerbate my IC. However, the spicy kosher dills and beet salad I had along with it certainly might.

I will no doubt pay for my culinary indiscretions, either later today or tomorrow.

The few moments of tastebud bliss were so worth it.

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