Every so often it is a good idea to schedule a break during production so that you can perform maintenance, especially if you have equipment or machinery that is getting consistent use.

Today I took my sewing machine to Mason Sewing for a tune-up.

It’s been more than two years since I had my sewing machine serviced.  It’s been this long not because I don’t care for my equipment, but because my machine has been running so well, maintenance hasn’t cross my mind.

I love my vintage Bernina.  She may weigh as much as a tank, but what a dandy of a gal!  I purchased her secondhand in 1994 and she’s been my faithful co-collaborator on many a project since then.

She is the same age as me, so I should really take her to the “spa” more often…especially since she’s worked so hard over the past six months.

In addition to servicing machines, I discovered that the service centre also sharpens shears (say that ten times fast).  My Singer shears were long overdue for a sharpening.  I dropped them on a concrete floor many years ago and have just been toughing it out since then because they were still usable, just a little stiff.  Lately, the burr on the end of the blade has caused enough resistance when I open the scissors that I have developed a callous on my right middle finger, just above the middle joint.

Proof that I am working hard in the studio!

Some companies will use a system-wide shutdown, servicing all of their equipment at once over the period of one week.  Effectively, that’s what I’ve done, though I won’t be getting a holiday during the time my tools are being serviced.

Instead of producing art in my studio over the next week, I’ll be processing digital images and pulling together proposal packages to mail out.

No rest for the wicked. 🙂

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