Our temporary New York home is smack dab in the middle of tourist central, and most of the people schlepping the surrounding streets are decked out in tourist garb: travel-easy t-shirts and shorts. It wasn’t until I had been in New York for two weeks that I finally witnessed some Truly Fabulous Fashion.

S/he was standing on the sidewalk “carpet” in front of a hotel, under it’s generous awning. Side-lit from a distance the silhouette brought to mind an elf, complete with pointy shoes and a tall, pointy hat.

When I, too, got close enough to be covered by the awning, my lighting conditions changed – I had a clearer view of this mysterious creature.

My impeccable Canadian manners prevented me from staring (and asking if I could take a photo would have been far too gauche). So here is my artist’s rendition, based on my discrete, 2-second gawk…

truly fab nycer

My first impression of an elf was not too far off, although as far as elf categories go this androgynous beauty was a bad-ass Brit-Goth species who would just as soon stab you with his/her hair and ram his/her rockabilly boot toe-points up your conventional ass than acknowledge your sorry, no-style presence (I’m totally making up the part about this person being a violent bad-ass, I’m sure they are super sweet…really).

His/her impressively tall hair spike, dyed midnight blue to match the leather jacket and skinny pants, had the sauciest little forward curve. And the jacket – oh, the jacket! – was multi-paneled and stitched into a many-studded Union Jack.

Although I have replicated the figure as accurately as I can recall, I confess that the hotel sidewalk carpet was a dark charcoal grey (my artist license saw her/him as red carpet worthy). Oh, and the bag slung casually in the crook of the elbow wasn’t a Prada shopping bag (this person probably wouldn’t be caught dead shopping in Prada), but I’ve been seeing their logo around town a lot and thought it made for an ironic twist.

I can’t wait to explore other areas of New York where this type of fashionista fireball is the norm, though I may have to do some serious self-primping beforehand so I feel appropriately attired for the occasion 😉

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