The Mouths of Babes…

should be washed out with soap.  Here’s a conversation heard on the Expo Line this afternoon between a father and his five year old son:

FATHER: So, what should we have for dinner tonight?

SON: I don’t know what I want right now – I’m not hungry now.

FATHER: Well, we should probably stop and get something from the store on the way home, so even if we’re not hungry right now we should think about what we might like to eat.

[twenty seconds of silence pass as the son contemplates]

SON: I know what we should eat for dinner!

FATHER: What should we eat for dinner?

SON: Garbage and farts!

At this point in the conversation the father says nothing and pretends that he didn’t just hear his kid bellow “garbage and farts!” on a full Skytrain. This is also the point in the conversation where I bite my tongue to keep from saying:

ME: I know what you should have for dinner! A bowl of soap flakes to wash out your filthy little mouth!

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