For medical reasons (which, despite how much I’m tempted because people who know me would find the irony hysterical, I am not going to disclose) I have been given a list of things to avoid.

Most of the items are food related:

No caffeine (coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate).

No alcohol.

No acidic juices (fruit juices, tomatoes).

No spicy foods.

Oh, yeah…and I’m supposed to avoid stress. Which is the most absurdly funny thing in the world to me after having everything I really take joy from in life put on the No Fun List.

I’ve managed to cut down on tomatoes, spicy food, chocolate and tea. Ask me to give up coffee? No effin’ way, padre. Knowing I’ll get to cuddle with my coffee cup is sometimes the only thing that gets me outta bed in the morning.

The way I figure it, the amount of damage due to stress that I’d add to my life by cutting out coffee is equal to the amount of damage I’d eliminate by cutting out coffee. They cancel each other out. So…I might as well be efficient and save all that time and trouble and just keep drinking coffee.

One thing an artist knows how to do: justify their actions [grin].

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