What Regina had to say about Slim Shady…

Here’s a sampling of comments from the Fifth Parallel Gallery exhibit. Names have been omitted to protect the innocent (and people’s mothers who don’t know that their progeny has sailor-mouth).

If you recognize your comment and want to be credited, drop me a note and let me know – thank you to all who took the time to write comments, your words are appreciated.

Really impressive stuff! I really enjoyed all of your perspectives on material culture, especially the satire!

I don’t write comments very often but each piece is resolved and finished work. Your attention to detail and conceptual poiniance is outstanding. My heart is fluttering. Thanks.

A bit disturbing. [I got this one twice]

Very original. It’s interesting…it’s horrible but at the same time it’s wonderful. It’s scary and amazing.

This is a provocatively disturbing show. I feel the use of dolls – that icon of the cozy, comfortable, and domestic – to illustrate the violence of consumerism and stereotyping – was particularly effective.

Good way for people (me) to leave their comfort zone – loved the humour/tragedy – great paradox.

Great work…sick, dope, brilliantly fucked up, honest, flexed state of quietude…

Hi – you are creative…I never have understood artistic people…but if you can shake people and make them think…that’s great!

Thanks Jody – very perverse, like being tickled to that uncomfortable state near torture.

I absolutely love this show. I wish I had toys that looked like this when I was a kid. Not to say that these are toys – I just wish I could play with them and make up lives for them.

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