What’s Sadder Than A Dog That’s Broke It’s Wag?

Absolutely nothing.  I arrived home on Sunday night to a forlorn puppy, all a-hunch and doing his best to wag without moving his tail from the tucked position between his legs.  He mustered a bit of a tail tip tremor, but not without obvious discomfort.

It was as though Elvis’ spine was misaligned, the base of his tail skewed to one side. It was disturbing to see his usually incessant, enthusiastic wag silenced.  Although he was in discomfort, he wasn’t in distress, which meant no trip to the animal emergency at midnight on Easter Sunday in a cab for Elvis.  My hope was that whatever was wrong would right itself after a good night’s rest.

And, thankfully, it looks as though it has.  He spent most of the day lying in bed, convalescing, getting sympathy and cookies and his wag has almost returned to full capacity.

So, no broken wag – must’ve just been a sprain.  Could be he’s getting too old to play with six-month-young puppies that are bigger and heavier than him.

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