Without Deviation…

…progress is not possible. [Frank Zappa]

Ahhh, progress.  It’s happening.

Maybe slower than I’d like, but still, moving forward all the same (and with some healthy deviation).

Thought you might like to share in the smug feeling of accomplishment. 😉

Before WDS Andrew and I moved the studio light/fan switch to the wall in the stairwell.

Doing this required the armoured cable to be pulled back through the studs in the wall (who knows why the builders used armoured cable inside the wall, maybe it was easier than grommeting all the holes in the metal studs that the wire is pulled through).  Fortunately (and ironically, it must be noted) the cable needed to be pulled back to almost the same position the switch was in when I first bought the place.  Past Jody’s laziness made Present Jody’s job easier because I’d never sanded or painted the patches from the first relocation, so it was easy to suss them out and peel them off:

Holes In Wall

Here’s the newly wired stairwell wall:

Stairwell Wall Before

The wall after reinstalling, mudding, and re-painting the drywall.  Looks like the switches have always lived there, and I gotta say, they are in a much more convenient location now:

Stairwell After

Last weekend, Andrew and I got to work building the over-the-fridge cabinet.

Eleven cuts and several hours after turning my studio into an ad hoc wood shop, we had built this:

Fridge Cabinet WIP

The cabinet, resting on it’s side.

Andrew admitted how surprised he was at how well it went together – practically perfectly square – but I wasn’t surprised.  I’d used a Skil Saw to build studio furniture before and always had good results.  Drilling holes for the cup hinges for the doors?  Now that’s what stresses me out!

As declared, while I’m chipping away at reno’s I’m also working towards completing a limited run of up-cycled, enhanced t-shirts.  I purchased my printing supplies before I left for Portland:

Printing Supplies

Last week I worked on making blocks for printing my characteristic faces:

Block Print Faces

The challenge when creating the blocks is to refrain from trying to be too detailed.  It’s easy to push for a little more detail and then @#$! the whole block up with one over-zealous cut (as you can see by the test block on the right).

This week I’ll be sealing the cabinet with several coats of Varathane, readying it for installation nearer the end of the week.  Also in store?  I have a feeling I may save the remaining lino block for creating body shapes and make a photo-screen for silk screening the faces.

How about you?  What progress (and what deviation) are you making?

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