Analyze This

As my last academic course (at least the last one I need for my BFA) gallops its way around the home turn I’ve been getting into the studio less and less. A bit disappointing, yes, but I expected as much. In an attempt to multitask and combine my practice with Cultural Theories, I’m doing a paper related to my Survival Games series:


I’ve been picking away at the drawings here and there, hoping to hit that spark that will ignite them. Here’s a few updated and new drawings (sorry for the small scale, WordPress doesn’t want to size them any larger without distorting the @#!% out of the images):








By analyzing the drawings through the lens of the cultural studies concepts I’ve been learning about I hope to be able to write about the work concisely enough to start sending out proposals.

Of course the community engaged activity connected to the series is also still swimming around in the cerebral sewage…

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