This Is To Certify That

I have recently been made official. No…really. I have the props to prove it…


(regalia front – is wearing it to work in the studio too much?)

(regalia back, tastefully embroidered with the ECU insignia)

And to think it only took me nineteen short years to complete [sigh]. Yes, it’s true, my degree has spanned four name changes (ECU’s, not mine 😉 ).

The slow pace is all part of my ingenious plan to be sidewardly mobile. One day in the future, let’s say 15 years from now, there will be a year in my life where I’ll concurrently experience paying off my mortgage, completing my doctorate, and exhibiting a retrospective at the Guggenheim.

I’ll be just like James Franco.

Except I won’t be an over-achieving 30-something, I’ll be an over-achieving 50-something.

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