My New Old Thing

While searching craigslist for a small filing cabinet I discovered an interesting business: QIC Used Furniture. A more fitting name would be be QIC Used Miscellany, as their inventory spans a vast and eclectic mix of items, among them a bird cage and a circular miter-saw.

It’s one of those places that is organized – sort of. Stuff is packed into every nook and cranny, most items crowded together like sardines in a tin. Some folk would be dismayed at the display of goods here, but I found clambering over couches, sitting and swinging my legs over tops of dressers and squeezing my way through tables to be quite fun. As an added bonus, they seem very willing to negotiate their already affordable prices. FYI, they also occasionally have unusual stuff like this. Flat file storage units are crazy expensive and if I thought I could have crammed this big boy into my studio I would have bought it in a heartbeat. It has since sold and I can’t say I’m surprised.

What I did buy was this grand old-timer, found on one of their upper levels.

Superficially she’s not pretty, but she has solid bones and smooth drawer action. Only $19.00 and they let me take a hanging file insert out of another cabinet to complete her. All I need now are some hanging files and folders and I can claim back some much needed space on my overcrowded bookshelf. 😉

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