Histamine & Hormones

According to local allergy authorities pollen counts are 10 times higher than normal in Vancouver this year. Heck, I coulda told you that. I’ve had a couple of miserable months while nature decides whether or not it is spring.

First everything’s pollenating.

Then it’s not.

Then it’s pollenating again.

Combine that with almost a year of funky hormones and I’ve been feeling consistently, er…tetchy. With good reason, too.

Today unfolded beautifully, weather included. I had a vision of sitting on a blanket at the beach, breathing in the fresh sea air and working on some drawings in my sketchbook. In reality I ended up wrapped in a blanket, eyes scratchy and airways completely congested. I was in the car and on the way back to my hermetically sealed studio in less than 90 minutes. The sketchbook didn’t even make it out of my bag.

Summer is here and it hates me.


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